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DataWise Forecast 30 Day Trial

The trial version is a fully functioning version, allowing you to test all the reports and features available.

Latest Version 9: Dated 21.4.2009 Build 9-4-20


Download DataWise Forecast Version 9


Download Forecast Quickstart Guide.pdf



Save the file to a suitable folder and run the file which is called "FCT Setup.exe".

The default folder it will install to is "C:\DataWise Forecast" Please ensure that you do not already have a folder with this name.

An icon will be placed on the desktop and in the Start > Programs > DataWise folder

Double click to run the program - The login user name is ADMIN and the password is 123456

The Demo version becomes the Licensed version with a key purchased from DataWise Ltd.

There is no need to reinstall the application..

If you have any problems installing the demo, please give us a call or send an email.

DataWise Forecast Program Updates

Updates are now handled via the "web update" button on the login page.

If your version does not have the button, then you will need to download the update manually as instructed below:

Download the FCT9Update.exe file and save it in the "C:\DataWise Forecast" folder.

The file is a self extracting zip file.

Navigate to the "C:\DataWise Forecast" folder and run fct9update.exe and it will replace the existing FCT.exe and add some other new files.

The webupdate button will now appear and can be used for future updates.

DataWise Forecast Help Updates

Latest Help File released April 2009. Help.chm  or FCTHelp.pdf

DataWise Forecast EXE Updates

Latest Executable version 9.4.20 released 21.04.2009 -  download new exe


This exe also requires new MYOB version detection dll for 2008 versions of MYOB to be saved in the same folder as the fct.exe

Download to folder containing old exe. (e.g. c:\fct\fct.exe or "C:\DataWise Forecast")

Rename old exe to keep as backup. (e.g. fct001.exe)