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Du Pont Ratio Analysis

DataWise has added the DuPont set of financial ratios to the latest release of  DataWise Forecast.

The ratios report now prints a one page summary Balance Sheet and Income Statement, followed by a one page report showing all the financial ratios.

The benefits of this is a short concise Balance Sheet and Income Statement in a layout adjusted to show depreciation, amortization, interest and tax separately.

The report shows:

  •     EBITDA - Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation.
  •     EBIT - Earnings before interest, tax.
  •     EAIT - Earnings after interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation.

The report shows the following ratios:

    Liquidity Ratios -

  • Current Ratio

  • Quick Ratio

  • Net Working Capital

    Activity Ratios -

  • Average Collection Period
  • Average Payment Period
  • Fixed Assets Turnover
  • Total Assets Turnover
  • Inventory Turnover

    Debt Ratios -

  • Debt Ratio
  • Debt to Equity Ratio
  • Times Interest Earned
  • Fixed Payment Coverage

Profitability Ratios -

  • Gross Profit Margin
  • Operating Profit Margin
  • Net Profit Margin
  • Return on Investment
  • Return on Equity