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MYOB Margin Reporting

Why use gross margin reports?

Quote from a current user:

Gary Kimber the Business Development Manager – from a packaging company said “It works, it’s what we need, user-friendly and quick.” He has been using the margin reports for about six years now and is still very happy with the results that the reports give them.

Margins matter because:

•    The better the margin the more money a company has to invest in growth and fund new strategic plans.
•    Knowing margins helps companies make wise financial decisions.
•    Helps companies see what trends are developing.
•    This gives an indication as to how strong their position is in the current market.

Benefits of margin reports:

•    Will help a company see where their cost is too high/ too low.
•    Show where adjustments can be made to maximise their margin and of course profit.
•    Measure sales people by margins rather than sales volumes.
•    Set prices to achieve margin target across a mix of products.

For businesses to get the most out of their margins reports they need to see their data on margins from a range of different areas of their business.

Why DataWise Report Writer?

 DataWise have made this possible and painless with their easy to use DataWise Report Writer.

No more spending hours working with spreadsheets. The data in MYOB is linked directly into the report writer and then it is just a matter of choosing the report you want to run at the time.


•    Reports can be individualised by filters and formatting.
•    Choose from 23 reports on margins.
•    Options to view detailed data from invoices, GL accounts or you can summarise your data to view only total amounts with out all the detail.
•    There are multiple output options such as PDF, CSV, Excel, Word, XML, HTML, JPEG, and GIF to name a few.
•    And from a very affordable price.

To find our margin reports in the program, select the Help TAB (not the Help menu), type "margin" in to the search field and click the filter button on the right.