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21-04-2009 - Download available again

Due to pressing demand we have again made the download available.  A new simplified install and setup makes it easier to install and the revised quick start guide leads you through the steps.

10-07-2008 - Exciting news

We are now able to write data to and from Excell with some amazing results. You can now prepare your sales and Cost Of sales Calac in Excel and we instantly import them into the forecast model.

31-1-2008 - Exciting year ahead in 2008

There has been so many exciting developments that we haven't been able to keep you all informed as we would have liked.


The most exciting enhancement to Forecast has been the ability to do Job Forecasting and consolidate to the header level. This has opened up some exciting possibilities for companies with divisions, branches, projects or even sales departments.


There have also been a lot of new reports added to the list, with a few more due out in the imminent release.


Support has been greatly improved with "CoPilot" which allows us to easily connect to clients computers anywhere in the world via internet and talk people through training and support.


We have lots planned for this year with new releases of both out products imminent.


Also we will be starting a monthly email, with news, so if you would like to be addded to it, drop us an email.


This is where we'll announce new releases, features and news about DataWise Forecast. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

[New!]  Save and Restore Scenarios
    See the press release 5 for more details.
[New!]  Import from MYOB Accountants Office
    See the press release 5 for more details.

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