Report of the Month - Job P & L by column report.


This report shows the Profit and Loss with up to 12 jobs across columns with total column. Ideal for companies using jobs as divisions.

At last jobs can be viewed in columns. If there are more than 12 jobs, the report can be output to Excel or adjusted to add columns together.

More columns can be added to print to A# if required.

View pdf of the Job P & Loss by column report here.

Download  the Job P & Loss by column report here.


DataWise Report Writer News

7-8-2008 - New Excel Automation options.

DataWise Report Writer now has the option to send data to an existing spreadsheet. This is really useful as users can now set up reports on multiple excel worksheets and have the data update for the current month / selected filter automatically. This really helps those who like to do graphs and complicated groupings or lookups from existing reports.


31-1-2008 - Exciting year ahead in 2008

There has been so many exciting developments that we haven't been able to keep you all informed as we would have liked.

With the improvements with ODBC version 7 we have been able to start writing back to MYOB directly.

This has resulted in some exciting projects writing high speed invoice entry into MYOB, saving clients many many hours of tedious input.

New standard reports have been added to the library, including job reports.

Support has been greatly improved with "CoPilot" which allows us to easily connect to clients computers anywhere in the world via internet and talk people through training and support.


We have lots planned for this year with new releases of both out products imminent.

Also we will be starting a monthly email, with news, so if you would like to be addded to it, drop us an email.


10-03-2006 - MYOB release new Vista compatible ODBC driver

Version 6.14 released with fixes for Vista compatibility    -    Download Now

Changes only affect Write Back functionality.

Version 6.13 is suitable for read only situations


16.01-12-2006 - New Version of DataWise Report Writer 

Version 9.3.43 released with the following new features    -    Download Now

  • New Report # 033 - Customer with last sale date, last payment date and current balance - View PDF

  • New Report # 032 - 032 - Margin by Customer with extra customer info - View PDF

  • NEW MYOB ODBC Drivers 6.00.0013 for New Zealand and Australia

  • DSN-less connection to MYOb data files using ODBC version 6

  • Set up wizard added for easier setup

  • User logins changed. DEMO user removed - now USER 1, USER 2 and USER 3  only

  • Data tabs skipped when not in Edit mode    

  • Enhancements to the Query Wizard             

20-9-2006 - New report

MYOB has a problem with the inbuilt report printing incorrect current year data with the next year budget data. We have a report to do this and more....

  • 031 - P&L report for Next year with budget and last year variances  - View PDF

View and download from the Report Library

24-8-2006 - New Version 9.2.165

New version updated for the recently released MYOB versions

  • Accounting v16

  • Premier v10 and Premier Enterprise

  • New report 30 with example of Graph

10-7-2006 - New reports

There are 2 new Job reports available this month    

  • 025 - Job P&L by any 12 months

  • 026 - Job List Current Month and Year to Date with levels


6-4-2006 - Updated help file

Mike James has reviewed and improved the help file.      Download now

20-3-2006 New Version 9.2.1

This version consolidates the following changes.

  • Enhanced Import export routine

  • New single click backup of all reports option

  • Revised set of 24 Standard Reports

  • Ability to change font size in script window

  • Lookup button added to 100 character filter option to select values and insert into filter field

  • Live reporting via ODBC   

  • One version allowing creating of new reports, editing and copying.

  • Output to many more formats including Graphics, Web formats.

  • Output to Word and RTF in Fixed and Flow formats

  • Ability to run programming scripts

  • Create your own data warehouse based on customised fields

  • FoxPro 9 enhanced report writing features

  • Now works with all MYOB products including Payroll, Retail Basics

  • Also works with any ODBC compliant database.

  • 3 levels of security.

Level Setup Company Data Files Import, Add, Edit, Delete Reports Run Reports
1 Yes No No
2 Yes Yes No
3 Yes Yes Yes


8-8-2005 - MYOB Conference votes Report Writer as Most requested feature.

The first MYOB conference held in Queenstown and attended by 80 consultants and accounts from around New Zealand. It was a terrific opportunity to network, discuss client requirements, and learn new things about the products.

Most importantly was the opportunity to put forward the features we would like to see added to MYOB. The top votes were for:

  • A Flexible Report Writer which can do Cash Flow, Job Costing, Percentages and Custom Reports (22 votes).

  • Departmental Reporting and Budgets (19 votes)

  • Budgets covering 3 to 5 years (19 votes)

  • Multiple stock locations (12 votes)

  • Payroll integration with job costing (12 votes)

  • Input of transactions from bank to pay bills (12 votes)

 It was very exciting that the top 3 items were reporting features which DataWise has products for. The DataWise Report Writer and DataWise Forecast can fulfill both these requirements.

28-4-2005 - Auckland Chamber launch

Presenting the DataWise Report Writer to the Auckland Chamber members found a great response from MYOB users.

Mark, Mike James and Grant Harwood were there presenting the products.



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