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Mike James Recent Projects

Custom Report Writing and EDI solutions for MYOB:

Listed below are a selection of my current customised reporting and EDI  solutions:

AccountRight 20xx:


Outbound: inventory/sales/autobuilds to StockTrim (Inventory Forecasting)

Outbound: sales transactions to Next 3PL

Outbound: sales transactions to NZ Couriers

Inbound: sales transactions from multiple file sources

Inbound: purchase orders (as sales) from Foodstuffs Exchange (NZ)

Two-way: Esker (payables document management & approvals) - multi-company


Custom debtors (back-dated)

Duty/Levy report for NZ Customs

Operational/financial suite of reports - pre-cooked meals distributor

(AUS) custom payroll summary report

AccountRight v19:

Payroll Reporting (AUS):

STP return processing for Premier 19 payroll bureau (from 2018 to date)

Multiple custom payroll reports (from ~2010 to date, same client)

Systems Integration

Middleware solution extracting (exo) payroll data and preparing sales invoice import files (ITO client)

Direct debiting solutions

The projects listed below are an illustrative selection of earlier work.

Legacy V19 (ODBC) projects:

(EDI) A series of scripts enabling transfer of sales invoices to the Foodstuffs exchange. This solution has also been adapted to carry out the same function from an Axapta database. 

A price review report, which uses Excel automation to create a fully formatted spreadsheet with formulas. This report assists the client in reviewing price changes

A weekly sales report, which sends output to Excel. Week numbers are calculated automatically. 

A report calculating income in advance for an organisation with a substantial membership.

Customised sales quotation forms including a pictorial list of products quoted

A customised price book which allows a client to produce publishable price lists direct from MYOB.  

Other v19:    

A stock adjustment/transfer script, for a manufacturing client in the motor vehicle componentry industry, which reads their MYOB Premier Enterprise datafile, and from a (dummy) sales order calculates the raw materials or components required. Then after checking for stock shortages, an inventory adjustment is prepared and written back to the MYOB file: the finished goods are recorded back to another location. This project uses the write-back capability of the MYOB ODBC driver. 

An invoice printing application, for a client in the property maintenance industry, which includes an additional routine to register all printed invoices. This ensures that no invoice is printed twice. The MYOB invoice customisation would not cater for the client handles their customer names. 

A advanced GL detail report, which includes the individual line narrative and line amount from many transactions, as well as the journal memo. MYOB consolidates postings to the same account, so this report will provide users with extra detail . 

 A stock re-order report, which shows monthly unit sales data for one year to a nominated date, plus available stock quantities. This report is designed to be output to Excel, so that re-order quantities can be assessed and input manually. (In this case they are then transferred to another Excel template for submission to the supplier). 

A Job reimbursables report, which combines data for stock issues, sub-contract or outwork expenses and time billing charges for a nominated header job. This report shows the revenue charges line by line with their cost, enabling a full review of jobs. In this case all sub-jobs within the header job are included automatically.  

A receipts and payments by GL account report for one or more bank accounts,  analysed by general ledger account. This report takes the (period's) opening balance, and shows all receipts and payments from whatever source. Debtors' collections and creditor payments appear as one line each. Direct cash-flow reporting at the push of a button!

A consolidated trial balance report showing this year, last year and budget year, with month and year to date, for any number of companies. The output goes to Excel, and currently shows all companies individually, but an alternative script will consolidate them. We recommend this report program for anyone consolidating multiple companies

A monthly report of deferred income by job, used by a company which runs scheduled events.

A report showing stock status of components for a manufacturer; this report looks behind sales and sales orders, and breaks them down (in 2 levels of assembly) to the components involved. 

A divisional profit statement report for a company involved in providing computer services. This company uses MYOB Premier with Jobs list for departmental accounting.


Systems implementations examples:

A cleaning/maintenance company has converted from manual/Excel systems to MYOB Premier 19. This client has a high transaction volume and staff were carefully trained in the use of MYOB. 

A manufacturer of mechanical systems (Mairangi Bay), pre-selected MYOB Premier 19, manufacturers custom-made systems and standard assemblies.

A printing industry client (Takapuna), prepares advertising for newspapers and other publications, implemented MYOB Premier 19. This client required special assistance with sales analysis, for which an additional data collection system was developed.

A food industry client (St. Luke's) selling locally and overseas, had already implemented MYOB Premier 19, but required special assistance with printing invoices and label forms.  A robust solution based on a keystroke recorder program was developed for them. 


System conversions:

Manufacturer of hydraulic vehicle components (Glenfield), were using a separate but poorly integrated job management system, transferred their manufacturing details to their existing MYOB Premier 19 system, without interruption to their business.

Furniture component wholesaler (Penrose) were using a legacy system. This was transferred to MYOB Premier 19 in record time, including training for all staff. The entire conversion was completed within the tight timetable allowed.


Systems Integration:

A division of major NZ company (Central Auckland) required MYOB Premier 19 and a solution to import customer invoices from another system, then prepare direct debit files to transmit monthly to their bank. A solution using the programming capability of the DataWise Report Writer was developed for them.

A Film Production company (Wellington) required a solution to transfer customer invoices from their job management system to their MYOB Accounting system. A solution using the DataWise Report Writer was developed for them.

A Hospitality company (South Island) required monthly management reports taken directly from their MYOB Accounting file, to replace the existing method involving transfer of reports via Excel to a specialty hospitality system. A solution was developed using custom Excel functions which read the database held by the DataWise report writer. As far as we know, we were the first MYOB partner to offer custom Excel functions to prepare financial reports from MYOB data.

Accounting reviews:

A food importer (Mairangi Bay), who implemented MYOB AccountEdge several years ago with our help, requires 3-monthly reviews of the accounts prior to submitting the files to their external accountants, and we also assist in other matters from time to time as required.

A liquor bottler (NZ), using MYOB Premier 19,  required assistance in preparing their accounts file for submission to their external accountant.  Prior to this our company had assisted them in a project to improve their inventory control and specialised reporting, for which we implemented a spreadsheet solution incorporating custom macro programs.


Overseas accounting work:


China: From 1997 to 2007, working with the Chinese subsidiaries of an Australian public company to assist in their audit preparation, systems accounting and other management accounting assistance as required.   The Chinese companies are based in Shenyang, Liaoning province. Visits were made twice yearly for audit purposes and other times as required. This work has provided in-depth exposure to Chinese business and culture, and enabled a very modest level of language ability. 

Rarotonga and Fiji: MYOB and QuickBooks training courses

Fiji (current): A rural training centre in the northern island group, run by the Marist Religious Order, requires assistance with their accounts and audit reports to overseas funders. Visits are made twice each year (2004 to date). 2021 update: Travel restrictions apply...