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DataWise works with many of the MYOB products, including MYOB Accounting and AccountRight Family, MYOB Payroll, Exo Payroll, and Retail Manager.




Feb24: On hold, due to API issues with extraction. 


At the time of writing, documents can be uploaded via the In-Tray and attached to purchases, spend money transactions and cards. Multiple attachments can be added to any of these records. Attachments are not stored with your company file, but in a separate database. 

If you wish to retrieve a document, you can do so in the program one document at a time, and save it as a PDF. The default attachment name will be like 68ed5174-a864-4ce4-b8dc-4e9e07a73ef7.arlsmartdoc.pdf. If you want to be able to locate a PDF for a particular record later, you will need to save the PDF under a different name.

Do you need to download all your attachments?

There will be occasions when you need to download attachments in bulk. For example:

- you have not religiously saved copies of every document to a local folder before uploading them
- you are taking your file offline permanently
- you require all documents for a period for (eg) a tax audit
- You are closing down your business and require copies of the last 7 years' attachments for your records
- You are moving to a new software program and ceasing your subscription to AccountRight

A solution for bulk downloads

MYOB advise that they will provide bulk downloads on application, but we suspect that the default filenames will be used. Note that File Explorer will search within PDFs, not just on the file names, but PDFs with image content, as opposed to text content, will be omitted from the search. Meaningful file names makes it easy to find, for example, all attachments for one transaction.

The limitations of downloading attachments in the core programs (one-at-a-time, meaningless file names) have prompted us to develop an efficient solution to downloading in bulk. The main features are:

- The solution is available for purchase outright (suits bookkeepers with multiple clients) or as a service for one-time or occasional use
- The download includes attachments to item & service purchases and Spend money transactions (card attachments are not yet available via the API)
- The solution is a custom script which is included with our report writer
- Attachments to transactions for a nominated date range are downloaded to a local folder as PDFs
- File names for purchases include part of the supplier name, the MYOB reference (eg PJ number), supplier invoice number and transaction date. To find a PDF for any transaction across a folder or group of folders, you may only need to know one reference.
- File names for Spend Money transactions start with the words "Spend_Money" and include the "cheque number", part of the Payee, and the date
- Multiple attachments for the same transaction have a numeric suffix added

What you need to do

To purchase our program, see our other web pages. Once your installation is complete, email us and we will send you the script.

To utilise our service:

- you invite us to your file as a user, read-only
- we process the attachments across the date range/s you require
- we invoice you on completion
- on receipt of payment, we send you a link to the file folder/s, using Dropbox or similar file transfer methods
- once you have confirmed the contents as correct, we delete our PDF copies and you cancel our file access. 


The prices are the same in both AUD and NZD.

Purchased solution

- $599.00 for a single-user license for our report writer
- $249.00 per annum renewal fee, from the anniversary of purchase
- Additional users are $99.00 per user on both the above prices
- Installation assistance at $160.00 per hour (recommended, this will save you time)
- GST will be added for customers in NZ
- The report writer comes with a library of our custom reports covering sales/gross margins, profit, etc.

Solution as a service

- $160.00 set-up fee for the first data file, $80.00 per file thereafter
- $50.00 per hour processing fee (current API performance is up to 1000 attachments per hour)


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